Pure water window cleaning

Before we start explaining the water fed pole window cleaning method, you may also have heard of pure water window cleaning and reach and wash window cleaning. These are all essentially the same system just with different names.

With Health and safety regulations tightening and the cost of insurance only ever increasing First Window Cleaning is embracing and excited with the latest window cleaning technology which is water fed pole window cleaning.

With the majority of our Newquay and Truro window cleaning now being carried out using the water fed pole method, we have created this quick guide for any of our customers who might be interested to know more about the way we are now cleaning your windows.

First up the water. This is no ordinary water that you get from your taps at home. This is what is called “pure water”. This is water that has been run through advanced filtration systems that remove minerals such as calcium and fluoride from the water. It is these minerals that leave the white spots on your car windows after washing.

This pure water is then pumped from a water tank, through up to 100m of hose, where it exits the water fed pole via water jets in the specially designed brush head. The brush is then used to dislodge any dirt on the glass, frames or sills and is then rinsed off to leave sparkling dirt free windows.

Advantages to you as a customer

1. Gives the window cleaner the ability to clean even hard to reach windows.

2. Increased privacy as upstairs windows are cleaned from the ground.

3. Less chance of damage to property caused by resting ladders on window sills or gutters.

4. Reduced disturbance as we no longer need to move rattling ladders around the property.

5. Chemical free cleaning.

Our window cleaning service is available across Newquay, Perranporth and Truro plus many of the surrounding villages in the area. Request a free no obligation window cleaning quote today!